Modular localization system for indoor mobile robots

In order for a mobile robot to move autonomously and intelligently through its environment, it is dependent on localization technologies. Localization means the process of finding out where you are in the world, for instance by looking at a map or checking your GPS (it’s not always that easy for a robot). Industrial systems of today depend on specific technologies like ultrasound, radio (Wi-Fi or GPS), or optical recognition. Each technology trades either price or complexity for accuracy.

More advanced localization solutions in robotics combine several technologies together in order to create more accurate localization. We see the same idea in e.g. marine vessels, where the integration of INS and GPS systems has had great commercial success. The main problem in localization for robotics is the ad-hoc nature of how such systems are connected. Localization solutions for new robots are tailored from scratch, which ties up both time and resources that could have been used for other purposes.

Our vision is to create a localization system that makes new mobile robots cheaper and easier to create and deploy, allowing creators of robots to select a solution a la carte based on their accuracy requirements, limitations, and wallet.