Mathematical modeling for control

To understand, simulate and design controllers for complex mechanical systems, it is necessary to have accurate yet tractable models of these systems. As such, this area of expertise is invaluable for advanced robotics, and it is an area in which we have acquired substantial expertise.

While standard industrial robot manipulators have been common for many years, extra complexity is added in many circumstances, such as where the environment is complex and unpredictable, the input methods are exotic, or the task to be solved is variable and a priori unknown. Examples are systems moving through fluids, such as unmanned aerial vehicles or marine vehicles with or without attached robot manipulators, snake robots moving through uncertain environments, or hand prosthesis, where the input is EMG signals. These systems require additional modeling efforts.

ROBOTNOR researchers have studied, modeled and analysed numerous dynamical systems, not only in relation to robotics, which gives significant synergy effects for modeling and control of complex robotic systems.