ROBOTNOR has acquired two KUKA youBots that are used for research and experimentation (one in our facilities in Trondheim and one in Oslo). The KUKA youBot is best described as a desktop mobile manipulator, consisting of an omnidirectional mobile base with a five degrees of freedom manipulator attached to it. The omni wheels allow the youBot base to move freely in all directions.

Since the youBot platform for all practical purposes is a scaled down version of a “real sized” mobile manipulator, it is useful for conducting mobile manipulation experiments. The small size of the robot makes it easy and safe to work with, and also makes the robot portable. We are currently using both our youBots in the SEAMLESS project, exploring new strategies for arm and base navigation, avoiding dynamic obstacles.

The youBots are good platforms for educational purposes with a very transparent open source interface for control (ROS node available). The robots are excellent for use during student projects.

Technical data of a KUKA youBot

Manipulator arm:

  • Weight: 6.3 kg
  • Height: 655 mm
  • Number of axes: 5
  • Gripper module: 2 jaws
  • Payload: 0.5 kg

Omni-wheel base:

  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 531 x 380 x 140 mm
  • Degrees of freedom: 3
  • Payload: 20 kg

Read more about the youBot at youBot-store.com.

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