Guidance and navigation

Guidance and navigation is an essential part of the on-board systems of any device capable of traversing large distances, be it on land, at sea, or in the air. Affordable GPS devices have revolutionized personal travel in later years and have been used by ocean-going vessels and aircrafts for decades. Inertial measurement units provide positioning data for crafts outside GPS coverage, such as submarines or indoor mobile platforms. In smaller often enclosed areas, non-global positioning systems are in use all over the world.

While historically these systems have been largely tools for the human operators, they also form an essential part of the control system of any autonomous mobile platform, no matter which environment it will traverse. Such autonomous systems are on the verge of leaving the confines of laboratories and experimental platforms into devices ready for mass consumption, such as Google’s self-driving car or the many vehicles that have completed DARPA’s Grand Challenges.

This exciting and invaluable field has, over the course of many years, seen significant work at SINTEF ICT and NTNU’s Department of Engineering Cybernetics, and significant expertise has been accumulated.

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