Wheeko – A snake robot with passive wheels

Wheeko is an experimental platform which we developed to study snake robot locomotion across flat surfaces. The robot consists of 10 identical joint modules, each having two motorized degrees of freedom (pitch and yaw). The modules are covered by passive wheels to give the robot anisotropic ground friction properties, which enable the robot to slither forward over flat surfaces.

Technical data

  • Total weight of a joint module: 960 g
  • Outer diameter: 130 mm
  • Degrees of freedom: 2
  • Max joint travel: ±45°
  • Max continuous joint torque: 4.5 Nm
  • Max joint speed (no load): 70°/sec

  • Our research on snake robots is regularly presented in national and international media. A selection of links to media appearances is given below.

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  • In a few years, snake robots will assist in search and rescue missions after earthquakes and carry out maintenance operations inside process pipes. ROBOTNOR has conducted research on snake robots for several years and is getting closer to realizing the potential of these mechanisms.

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  • The snake robot laboratory at ROBOTNOR got a significant upgrade in 2013. The lab now […]

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