Seekur – Mobile manipulator

Mobile manipulators are comprised of one or more robotic arms attached to a mobile robot base. Relevant application areas include health-care robotics, manufacturing, robotic assistants, and security. Researchers from ROBOTNOR are working with mobile manipulators within areas such as path-planning, force-control, robot vision, and localization. One of the robotic platforms used actively in this research is Seekur mobile robot equipped with a manipulator arm from Schunk.

Technical data

  • Robot manipulator arm: Schunk LWA3 with 7 degrees of freedom. Approx. 1.2 m long.
  • Mobile base: Adept Mobile Robots, Seekur Jr.
  • Gripper: Schunk SDH, 7 degrees-of-freedom dexterous hand with contact sensing.
  • Onboard sensors and equipment: Camera, IR-camera, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, rate-gyro.
  • External localization system: Ubisense.
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