PIKO (small)

Piko – The pipe inspection robot

What does the inside of a pipe look like after 30 years of service? Expertise in advanced robot systems allow scientists at ROBOTNOR to construct a new type of robot for inspection of complex pipe systems.

Pipe systems vary from straight, horizontal stretches with constant diameter, to complex structures with corners, T-joints, vertical branching and varying diameter. Additionaly, obstacles such as valves and measurement instruments exists, as well as known irregularities as sediments and impurities.

ROBOTNOR is currently developing robotic solutions which can handle this complex environment. The motive is to give industries better knowledge of the condition of their pipe structures to be able to, simpler and at an earlier time, discover irregularities or possible causes of reduced throughput, process failure or at worst physical damage.

The current prototype has been named Piko, which is a robot with several identical joint modules equipped with motorized wheels.

The pipe inspection robot Piko.

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