The Lighthouse Project for Coastal and Arctic Maritime Operations and Surveillance (CAMOS)

Activities in the northern regions operate in an extreme and challenging environment that includes coastal, marine and arctic areas. With the exception of coastal areas these offer little permanent infrastructure, let alone ground to build it on, and little use of communication infrastructure solution utilized elsewhere. As coverage from geostationary satellites do not reach north of Svalbard, new solution to provide communication support to operation in remote locations must be found. Simultaneously, some of the operation are wholly or partially undertaken underwater, requiring solution that reach and integrate both over- and underwater operations.

The lighthouse project takes on the ambitious task of developing a robust integrated communication framework that integrates underwater, terrestrial radio and satellite communications in a resilient infrastructure that can support a multitude of applications, primarily within sensor networking. The goal is to provide a platform to enable the integration of new and improved technologies in any part of the system with ease – fostering innovation within the system.

The lighthouse project is a collaboration between the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, the Department of Telematics, and the Department of Engineering Cybernetics at the IME faculty, and includes 2 PhD positions and 1 PostDoc position. The project starts in 2013.

Torbjörn Ekman, [email protected]
Lars Imsland, [email protected]

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