Pioneer Robot

Wheeled robots

Wheeled robots are excellent tools for simple tasks such as moving objects from one place to another, or more difficult tasks such as increasing the range of a robotic arm. Wheeled robots are generally simple and cheap mechanisms. Furthermore, they have a high weight capacity, which can be used to bring heavy equipment or batteries that extend the operative time of the robot. Wheeled robots have numerous applications, such as providing a live video feed to an operator or measuring the noise levels of equipment in a remote location.

ROBOTNOR has several wheeled robotic platforms:

Whether you need a helping hand with your coffee tray, a construction worker wants to bring along heavy equipment on a construction site, a fire alarm has been triggered and you want to visually inspect the area with a camera instead of a human, or you want to use a single robot manipulator at several different locations in your factory, wheeled robots are up for the job.

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