When working with robotic systems, mechatronics is an important tool in your toolbox. If you are designing new manipulators, AGVs, grippers, or sensors, it is crucial to combine the knowledge of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science in an efficient way. ROBOTNOR has researchers with a broad practical and theoretical background and are experienced in designing mechatronic components.

  • Wheeko and Kulko (small)

    In a few years, snake robots will assist in search and rescue missions after earthquakes and carry out maintenance operations inside process pipes. ROBOTNOR has conducted research on snake robots for several years and is getting closer to realizing the potential of these mechanisms.

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  • Prosthetics

    The loss of a limb is a great limitation on the freedom of a person. […]

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  • Gripper_web

    These webpages have just been launched and will be continuously updated during the coming weeks. […]

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  • Grasping

    Grasping is an essential part of most modern production systems. ROBOTNOR is developing new grasping solutions aimed towards increased flexibility in production lines of tomorrow and significant savings in production costs.

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